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SITE123 is an affiliate program for site owners who can generate traffic through their affiliate links. Online articles, tutorials, and blog posts are all ways to do this.

This program is perfect for web admins and bloggers who need to drive website traffic. Anyone can create an affiliate account to start referring customers to SITE123. Each referral will receive a personalized link.

Site123 – ShareASale

Promoting your website is easy with the ShareASale affiliate program. Affiliates can promote consumer brands, and merchants are also available. ShareASale offers many tools to help you monetize your content and make commissions on every sale your visitors make.

Skimlinks are used to insert affiliate links automatically into blog posts.
Site123 is a great place to start your journey as an affiliate. There are over 260 new programs every month. You’ll be able to promote many different products.

Affiliates can sign up for tracking and reporting, giving valuable information about their earnings. ShareASale pays up to $241.8 per sale and has a fixed commission rate.


Clickbank is an excellent affiliate network that offers high commission rates; Clickbank affiliates get rewarded for each sale they make through their links. They can also choose from more than 260 programs per month. You don’t need to spend time researching and applying for programs.

All you have to do is signup and get started promoting. It is easy to use and offers many features. Affiliates can earn $182 per referral and make payments through their PayPal accounts. Affiliates can track their conversions themselves without relying on any third parties.

Site123 – Jobber

A jobber web application helps small businesses manage and organize their operations, and affiliates can earn $5 per signup. Jobber features include customer history, payment dates, and the ability to attach photos.

It also provides tools to help teams manage tasks. Ian Heidt is the co-founder at Qualcomm Labs and Housecall Pro. SITE123 allows affiliates to create websites with the wizard.

The user interface is simple, and they can choose from many templates. An affiliate can earn up to $241.8 per sale. Affiliates will also receive fixed commissions on each website they promote. Affiliates can withdraw their earnings once they have made $300 in commissions.


Site123 affiliates can use Asana to manage their tasks and stay on top of their program tasks. You can create a workspace, organization, or individual account. Users can switch between the accounts they need; a personal account may have multiple users. They can then create an Admin account to manage a project.

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