Livestorm – Affiliate Review

by websarb_blog
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The Livestorm Affiliate program is known as Shi Yong Livestorm in Chinese. The name is derived from the Chinese character Zhi Guan De Ping Tai.

In addition to its affiliate program, live-storm offers many other features that make it an attractive option for online marketing. For example, they offer a Webinar platform and a video conferencing tool. They also have a Free plan and integrations with other platforms.

Livestorm Webinar Platform

The Livestorm Affiliate Webinar platform has several features that make it an excellent option for webinar marketing. It permits you to communicate your screen with your viewers, making it easier for them to understand your content.

It also lets you share PowerPoint slides with high-quality videos on each slide. You can even host multi-language events with the Livestorm platform. Livestorm is easy to use and integrates with several third-party tools.

Its analytics and reporting tools make monitoring and improving your webinars easy. And since Livestorm is browser-based, you don’t need to install anything on your computer. It also allows you to use virtual or blurred backgrounds and live-answer questions and answers.

Video Conferencing Tool

Livestorm is an all-in-one video communication tool designed for collaboration and ease of use. It helps you easily host meetings, webinars, company-wide seminars, and other online events.

The browser-based tool can be used anywhere and supports 17 languages. Livestorm has an affordable free version and a paid version that lets you host meetings of more than 20 minutes.

You can record your live webinars and publish them on your YouTube channel and website. It can help you reach a wider audience and is a great promotional tool; you can also share the recordings of older webinars on your company page. Livestorm also allows you to track who registered for your webinars.

Integrations With Other Platforms

Livestorm is a web-based video engagement platform that allows you to create webinars and on-demand events. Its user-friendly interface allows you to build landing pages, view webinar funnel analytics, and even automate emails to remind attendees.

It also offers a full suite of integrations, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, TypeForm, and Zapier. Livestorm Affiliate has an analytics tool built into its platform, automatically generating participation and event reports.

Livestorm also makes the information readily available, including replay numbers. This data is 100% downloadable, making it a powerful tool for tracking. The platform allows users to integrate with thousands of other software and apps.

A few of these integrations are available in Livestorm’s library. For instance, the Zapier integration allows you to link your Livestorm account to thousands of other platforms. This integration will enable you to automate nearly any workflow.

Livestorm Free Plan

If you want to test out the platform before making a purchase, you can download the Livestorm Affiliate free plan and see the fuss. This free plan has a few limitations, but the basic features are all available to you, including video streaming.

You can also host up to 10 attendees in a live event and hold an instant meeting with up to four people. You can use Livestorm to deliver product demos, customer training, and company communication.

The free plan also allows you to try out the premium features of the webinar platform, including marketing automation, analytics, and more. If you’d like to sign up for the free plan, you can use Livestorm to create and promote live online events.

Unlike other live-streaming services, you won’t have to fear having enough capacity if you plan to hold several monthly events. In addition to creating engaging live events, you can create polls and guest presenters to engage your audience.

Moreover, you can use Livestorm’s support services to answer your questions and get assistance. They are available 16 hours a day.

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