Envato – How to Get Started Its Affiliate Program

by websarb_blog
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If you are looking for an affiliate program, Envato might be a good choice. The company offers several programs that provide various products and services. These programs can be found on the Envato website.

Using these programs can help you earn money from the Internet. These programs offer a commission structure and other perks that make them attractive to affiliates.

Envato Affiliate Program

The Envato affiliate program allows you to earn money by promoting other people’s products. You can generate a commission on every sale you make through the affiliate link, which can be a fantastic method to earn more money.

You can link to any URL within the Envato marketplace, such as the home page, a subsite, or a specific product page. The only thing you must remember is that double-up URLs will not work, so instead, you can use the &ref: username to make your affiliate link visible to visitors.

The Envato affiliate program offers you a wide range of marketing tools to help you grow your business. You can use banners, links, and videos to promote Envato’s products and earn commissions. The affiliate program allows you to receive payments in your local currency.

Commission Structure

One of the critical aspects of a successful affiliate marketing strategy is understanding the commission structure for Envato. The average payout threshold is around 35%, but there are affiliate programs that pay significantly more.

As a result, it is essential to benchmark your commission rates against the average to determine whether the program is right for you. Envato has a very generous commission structure for affiliates.

As a result, you will earn as much as 30% of your referred customers’ sales. It is a significant percentage to aim for, especially for people just starting.


Before becoming an Envato affiliate, you should understand the program’s rules. First, the referral program only works if you refer customers to Envato. The program pays out 30% of the first purchase. It also counts deposits, but not small deposits. And it uses cookies to track customer activity.

However, you should not use the affiliate link to promote its theme. It is because theme previews are hosted on another domain. Therefore, your affiliate link should go to the product page.

Envato Plugins

WordPress users can easily customize their posts using affiliate plugins. For example, they can post content from the VideoHive website and make money through affiliate links.

The Envato Market plugin allows them to broadcast from specific items and users. This plugin will enable users to post their content according to their desired frequency; the plugin also supports the Envato referral system.

One of the most popular affiliate plugins is the Hand of Midas. It generates a style card for each item, the first thing visitors see when visiting the Envato Marketplace.

It also includes all the relevant information about the item and its author; it has become the leading affiliate management plugin for the affiliate program.

Sites That Can Be Used As Affiliates

If you have an audience and you want to monetize your website, you may want to consider becoming an Envato affiliate. The affiliate program provides many benefits, including commissions for purchases made on other sites.

The affiliate links will remain static on your web pages. In addition, the Envato affiliate program offers tools to help you publish affiliate links. One of the significant benefits of becoming an affiliate is the 30% commission you’ll earn on each purchase.

This commission is based on the first purchase made by the customer. However, small deposits will not count toward your commission. The Envato affiliate program is cookie-based, so your referrals will be tracked for up to 90 days.

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