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Domain parking is the registration of an Internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.

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A selection of Additional Domain Services are also available

The following addons are available for purchase and can be used with any top level domain

Privacy Protection

For a small fee, your personal information will be unavailable in any WHOIS database, which is publicly available and open to anyone.

DNS Management

Your domain control panel is designed for ease-of-use and allows for all aspects of your domains to be managed from a single dashboard.

Email Forwarding

Re-sending an email message delivered to one email address to a possibly different email address(es).

Domain Watch

Find out quickly if your dream domain is available and register it in seconds. Name it, Build it, and Host it.

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A Top-level Domain (TLD) is the part of a domain name to the right of the dot. Example the “com” in TLDs are part of the text-based interface assigned to numerical IP addresses. That allows humans to more easily navigate the web without having to memorize long strings of numbers.
There are currently two types of TLDs. Generic domain names (gTLDs) and Country code domains names (ccTLDs). GTLDs are the largest group of domains and account for most of the newly available domains. Whereas ccTLDs are generally assigned to specific geographic locations (e.g .UK, .DE, and .CA)
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) enable people around the world to use domain names in local languages and scripts. These domains are encoded to the Unicode standard and used as allowed by relevant IDN protocols.
Anyone registering a domain is required by ICANN to create a public record of domain ownership in the Whois Directory. WhoisGuard replaces your personal information with that of your official domain registry, legally masking your personal data from public view.
You can only ‘renew’ domains that are still active. But you can ‘reactivate’ an expired domain for exactly the same price as a renewal.
When you transfer your domain, the remaining time you had left with your old registrar is automatically included. Extra renewals can be done after you have transferred. The exception to all this is UK group TLDs, as they are not renewed during transfer. That’s why transferring them is free.

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